just call me, or maybe don’t

I tend to believe there are two kinds of people out there – those who love to talk on the phone and those, who just do not. If you are someone in my daily life you obviously already know the answer as to what category I fall into – the proof being you are reading this and not talking to me about it ON THE PHONE.  It’s just not for me- I don’t like not seeing the person I’m speaking with, I don’t like feeling as if I need to be multitasking while I’m talking/listening therefore causing me to pay half attention to the conversation, and so on. And the odd thing is, conversation and interacting with people is one of my greatest joys – why that feeling doesn’t compute with the telephone is somewhat of a mystery.

Having kids has forced me to embrace some cellular convo out of sheer necessity. At some point shortly following the birth of our first I realized I had started talking at embarrassing lengths and degrees to complete strangers in the grocery or at the mall about things they REALLY did not care to know in regards to my life as a new mama. I have also surrounded myself with a couple close friends who are champion phone-talkers, I’m talking virtual descendants of Alexander Graham Bell kind of good, and they tend to keep my hibernation tendencies from taking over.

Given my own personal preferences, it doesn’t shock me entirely that Emma, our 4 (AND A HALF!) year-old would most days choose having the knots brushed out of her hair or allow her little brother access to her My Little Pony collection before talking to someone on the other end of the line. My girl, who loves talking so much she has been known to take a drink while speaking and rather than stopping to swallow, continues talking as whatever beverage she has in her mouth spills out all over. Again with the mystery… But every once in awhile she forgets her stance, gets caught in just the right mood and could talk herself right over my minutes plan. My parents happened to catch her on one such rare occasion recently – such an oddity I grabbed my camera to document the moment. While there is nothing fancy about them, when I loaded these pictures to my computer they made me laugh (and get a little misty) – her body language, her wardrobe from an afternoon of dress-up, her obvious annoyance over my presence with a camera – they tell her story of these numbered days of being 4 (AND A HALF!). And I can’t wait to laugh over these with her in a few years- when I anticipate her phone issues may vanish altogether.

Where are you on the line – to phone or not to phone? What do you do to stay connected? Like connected connected, not 140 characters connected, but truly in community with people. The phone may never be my thing, but my desire for community is my thing in a big way, so maybe I need to take that however I can get it, even if it is through a receiver.

February 24, 2010 - 4:36 pm

bananie so NOT a phone person. i clam up and feel responsible for awkward silences. the whole thing just makes me anxious. i can text like nobody’s bidness though :)

February 24, 2010 - 7:11 pm

Crystal do you even have to ask?? 😉
Kinda funny to read this, considering YOU are the person I talk to on the phone the most – way more than anyone else – and we don’t talk that much!! But we can throw down a mean convo over text now, can’t we??
Love you girl. Even when the only way we can actually connect is ON the phone. 😉

February 25, 2010 - 11:55 am

Robyn what would you do without me? you would have so much more time on your hands 😉

February 25, 2010 - 7:18 pm

sarahrichmond oh yeah, the awkward silence filled with nervous laughter is BAD! Sadly, texting has become the new “girls’ night out”. I’d like to get back to the real deal myself – it’s pitiful drinking margaritas alone with your cell phone. Oh, and Robyn I do love you and your commitment to dial. There is no telling how many other embarrassing public episodes I would have in my repertoire if I didn’t have you on the other end of the line!.

February 27, 2010 - 7:17 am

Mel Big.
No…not big on the phone, which is a real bummer, because I live so far away and I want to connect with people.

You think it’s the “mommie juggle – everyone wants a piece of me” thing, when the kids are so small?

Ever get that *ugh* feeling when you’re out and you hear the same ringer sound that you have in your office and you get that panic? I’m getting over that…

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