etsy shop progress, linen loveliness and more time please…

Why do projects always take longer than I think they will? Or maybe more accurately, longer than I hope they will. Once again this is the case, as it has taken much longer than originally planned to set up an etsy shop featuring some of my fine art style photographs. Typing the words “fine art” just gave me the shivers by the way – I’m so leery of labels and it feels a little presumptuous calling my photographs art, but I’ll save that neurotic conversation for another day friends…

Between unprecedented “snow” days here in Tennessee and my kids’ own version of the winter illness Olympics, my oh-so-well-intentioned time line was thrown out long ago. We are making progress however, and I was thrilled yesterday when a collection of prints I had ordered for the shop arrived. Most of them were printed on linen paper and I have to say, the linen completely exceeded my expectations. They actually make me feel slightly less queasy using the term “fine art”- the paper and colors are simply that beautiful. Below is small preview of what the shop will be featuring- the next update will be a “launch update” (me hopes)! Oh, and if any etsy pioneers have advice/input I’d love to hear it. Have a healthy weekend (my house included please)!

8"x8" print on linen paper

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