five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes…

When I started writing this post it was quiet in the house – well, as quiet as it gets around here anymore…nap time for the minis was in progress and I had my favorite chair, my laptop and thoughts I could actually hear for the moment. Now, a few hours later as I sit back down at the computer all that sleepy-time serenity has long since vanished along with another hopeful attempt at making it through a day without raising my voice {double sigh}. Oh, and I realize I could just go on and post what I had intended on saying without the confession of suburban chaos and you may never be the wiser, but I’d know better… And if there is one thing I never want this web journal to become, it would be the Pollyanna version of my real life with some pretty pictures thrown in. So for now I’ll try to balance the tension of being honest with boundaries – you know, to protect the innocent (or guilty as it may be). I hope you are up for the journey, while I work to figure it all out.

So getting back to the regularly scheduled posting….

This week marks a creative anniversary of sorts here on my little bubble. It was one year ago when I finally stopped with the “I shoulds” and the “I wish I coulds” and shut up (momentarily), and actually went and “did.” Last winter I took a photography class, something I had been talking about doing since college- ‘talking’ being the appropriate word here. And somewhere in the middle of ISO, shutter speed, metering and aperture the puzzle pieces came together for me, and I learned how to use my camera to create the images I had been seeing in my head all along. Looking back at it now a year later, it’s as if I learned how to speak another language in those few short days. I walked away with the foundation necessary to begin communicating with the world differently. And my gratitude for that knowledge overwhelms me.

So while my list of things ‘yet to learn’ grows longer by the hour (I may never fold that fitted sheet correctly), I am encouraged thinking of the few new skills I have picked up. I’m optimistic on a couple of fronts – including that of try as they might, having kids has not completely shut off my faculties to learn things outside the boundaries of play doh and pat-a-cake. I’d love to hear what new things you have been learning or trying – especially if you have the hot tip on that fitted sheet issue! Post a comment and maybe we’ll all learn something new from you.

Oh, I can’t post without a photo… When I started thinking about the class at Dove (who incidentally announced their next set of classes while I was writing this post), I went back to look at some of the photos I took and saw these – and actually still like these a whole year later. Happy Wednesday friends!


February 3, 2010 - 9:59 am

Sharon Campbell Gorgeous Sarah! Love the mention of folding fitting sheets. I give up on trying to figure that one out!

February 3, 2010 - 9:18 pm

Kristy I had a friend do a “how to” speach in drama class my freshman year in high school and guess what it was about? How to fold a fitted sheet!! I’ll have to show you sometime b/c it’s easier to show you than write about it!!
I love your posts. They are always so inspiring.
Thanks my friend!!

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