The Very Merry Snareys {it’s Christmas, corny is allowed}

Growing up I pretty much idolized my mom’s younger sister, she was only a handful of years older than myself but decades ahead in “cool.”  I specifically recall her attentive kindness towards me during a particularly rough age when it felt like the mean girls may very well bury me alive out on the school playground. I think about those days often, so many years later, as I watch her children and now my children grow and learn to navigate the world. And I see the roads and cycles of life converging as I am able to love her kids well and in turn they are loved and admired by my kids. And the beautiful redemptive circle keeps spinning. . .

The Snarey family are some of our favorite people ever – the kind of people we vacation with, hang out in our pj’s and unbrushed teeth with, or laugh with until our drinks come out of our noses – okay, so that was just me, but the point being this is a stellar family. And bonus, they are our family and our dear friends. We had a great time grabbing some family photographs of them when we were all together earlier this fall.

Enjoy – thanks for stopping by!






Today is actually Tom & Heidi's wedding anniversary and as you can see they are still crazy about each other.

This image just makes me smile.

This image just makes me smile.

the lovely Kasey

the lovely and driven Kasey

the tender firecracker Anna

the tender firecracker Anna

the easy-going and sweet Sean

the easy-going and kind Sean

December 16, 2009 - 6:39 am

Cindi Beauman Wow!!1 What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

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