Fasten Your Seatbelts

It’s amazing how sending your kid to school creates so many new stories to tell. . .

This morning emma and I had what I fear is the start of a long line of “wardrobe discussions” shall we say. Today’s culprit was footwear. She of course wanted to wear the shoes that are too small, then the shoes that are open toed (and against fire marshal codes so therefore unwearable to school. . . Seriously, no joke, check the parent handbook), then the shoes that did not match her outfit whatsoever, and on and on. Well apparently in my preoccupation with the battle over footwear, I somehow missed emma’s choice of accessories for the day. That is until I went to pick her up this afternoon and Miss Katie says to me:

“Oh my favorite thing today was emma asking me if I liked her ‘seat belt’. She was really proud of her ‘seatbelt’ – showed it off all day long.”

You’re asking yourself, “seatbelt?”

Well, in the world of emma, her “seatbelt” means she had dug out of her drawer a skinny, gold belt and fastened it, correctly I might add, around her waist. I must have missed it in the folds of her t-shirt or something. Needless to say I sent my kid to school in purple track pants, a t-shirt, purple crocs, and a gold belt. She was still wearing it loud and proud when I picked her up; looking like an extra from a Richard Simmons “sweatin’ to the oldies” video.

I’m not really sure what bugs me more about the whole thing, that a). she got something past me, or b). My two-year-old is better accessorized than I am on my best day.

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