the scent of mischief {parenthood}

Earlier this month Rob was out of town on business, and as I mentally recapped the events on one particular day in his absence, all I could do was laugh. As parents our days can be filled to capacity with minor (and at times) major emergencies, disasters and episodes – so much so that over time we become a bit detached to the ridiculousness of it all. And unless we stop long enough to string together every detail of one 24-hour round with the mini humans, we can take for granted the sheer miracle of our very survival.:-)Not to mention the miracle of finding the comedy inside (almost) every near-catastrophe. The fact that at the end of a day of entire toiletpaper rolls knocked into an unflushed bowl and little brothers painting their nails pink with polish, we are still standing, still smiling- is pretty remarkable.

On a separate note, I now understand why it is nail polish has such a strong, distinct odor…how better to alert us to the scent of mischief?


And just so he can’t claim once he’s old enough to read this, that I only tell tales of mischief, I now have the video of Asher singing to himself that I mentioned here. Please pardon the poor light quality – it was one of those moments I literally grabbed the camera before he noticed his audience.

Have a week of surviving while smiling friends!


April 14, 2011 - 1:18 pm

Cindi Beauman Love watching him sing to himself. Hopefully he will sing it to us when we visit.

July 3, 2012 - 8:52 am

JK Glad I stumbled upon your site… Beautiful photos & I really love this little story of survival! Every day is a sweet & sour one in my house full of boys! I’m sure I’ll be back to visit you again. :) Blessings, JK.

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