The Sweet in the Middle

I think most of us generally are holding out for the weekend- less schedule, fewer alarm clocks, more fun. We have had a particularly busy week around our house, and as I sit sipping my coffee, grateful for a Saturday morning just around the bend, I am recalling quite a few incredibly sweet highlights from the week. In the midst of the school field trips and homework and meetings and laundry, we enjoyed some of the cutest, memory-making moments as well. Right there smack in the middle of a chaos.

Asher is finally starting to communicate verbally with us, and his simple, “I need help Mommy,” is such a relief to the frustration he has been exhibiting for months it could make me cry with relief. He’s also taken to singing to himself, “Wheels on the Bus” is a current favorite. I managed to catch one of his concerts on video this week and will have to remember to share it with you all soon.

Emma, reading full books to me at bedtime now is about the sweetest thing you can think of. She has also had a slew of fabulous “deep thoughts” this week, some of which I have recorded on twitter and facebook. I have tried to collect a lot of her quotes and thoughts throughout her life, and one day this week I was clearing out old files and came across a page with a handfull of Emma-isms from when she was 3 and 4 years old. Most of them I had forgotten about, and finding them in a file, on a random week day afternoon, is at the core why we record these lives we lead. A couple of favorites unearthed in that old file:

Me (after discovering a puddle on the kitchen floor): “Emma, did you spill your juice?”
Emma, age 3: “My eyes are really watery.”

Emma, age 4 while at a friend’s house: “My mommy is coming to get me – I’m not sleeping here. But I’ll be back in the morning for waffles.”

May you have the sweetest of Saturdays and Sundays friends – and if you think of it take an opportunity to recall and share your sweet moments from the middle of your own chaos this week. I would love to relive (and laugh) them with you!

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March 4, 2011 - 10:05 am

Venus Love that! I actually remember the waffles comment from facebook. She is growing up so fast!

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