Monthly Archives: January 2011

Does this snow day make my butt look big?

Here in Tennessee we are experiencing the most snow we have had in eight years, a mind-blowing 9.3 inches. Mind-blowing, of course only to those of us who think of sweaters as winter outerwear, and should ever┬áthe┬áneed arise can be found scraping our frozen windshields with CD cases. And if the wind blows just right, […]

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cut & colorful

“Let’s trim up the sides and back, leave the length on top please.” I say to the woman poised to trim Asher’s blonde mop. The words had no sooner left my lips when her two-year-old client realized what was in store and decided the entire salon really must experience the ferocity of his disapproval. And […]

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S u b s c r i b e