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Hostess {with the mostest} feature || Nashville Childhood Photographer

HWTM screenshot

I am more than honored and excited to have my photos and Emma’s 5th birthday party featured on the incredible Hostess With the Mostess blog today! HWTM continuously showcases ideas and events that inspire me to create, and well, throw more parties! It is a total thrill for me- THANK YOU Jenn for your lovely […]

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gravitational pull

Emma, our oldest, is spending a few days in Michigan with her grandparents and I am missing her somethin’ fierce! The child who talks more than the rest of us combined, who often asks me the same question ten times daily, who refuses to “remember” how to keep her bedroom tidy…that sweet, lively, at-times exhausting […]

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the ebb, flow, & bedhead

A former coworker once described parenting as looking into a mirror that magnifies all your best and worst qualities. One beautiful mess. At the time, I had yet to enter into parenthood, and still the illustration stuck with me. All these years later, it’s safe to say I now experience what that seasoned parent was […]

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freedom {to create}

This summer I set out with the goal of dedicating time to learning and growing in my work. In June I took part in a personal creative project, the Creativity Boot Camp, led by a wonderful artist Maegan Beishline and it was just the sort of motivation I was seeking to push myself in developing […]

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