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just call me, or maybe don’t

I tend to believe there are two kinds of people out there – those who love to talk on the phone and those, who just do not. If you are someone in my daily life you obviously already know the answer as to what category I fall into – the proof being you are reading […]

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etsy shop progress, linen loveliness and more time please…

Why do projects always take longer than I think they will? Or maybe more accurately, longer than I hope they will. Once again this is the case, as it has taken much longer than originally planned to set up an etsy shop featuring some of my fine art style photographs. Typing the words “fine art” […]

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a Very Feature by Simply Hue

Color is a constant inspiration for me – and an essential piece to my photography, so of course it was a huge honor to have Vicki choose to showcase my work on her wonderful blog, Simply Hue. The company my photos are featured alongside are truly lovely. You all need to check out Vicki’s spotlight […]

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five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes…

When I started writing this post it was quiet in the house – well, as quiet as it gets around here anymore…nap time for the minis was in progress and I had my favorite chair, my laptop and thoughts I could actually hear for the moment. Now, a few hours later as I sit back […]

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