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gravitational pull

Emma, our oldest, is spending a few days in Michigan with her grandparents and I am missing her somethin’ fierce! The child who talks more than the rest of us combined, who often asks me the same question ten times daily, who refuses to “remember” how to keep her bedroom tidy…that sweet, lively, at-times exhausting […]

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freedom {to create}

This summer I set out with the goal of dedicating time to learning and growing in my work. In June I took part in a personal creative project, the Creativity Boot Camp, led by a wonderful artist Maegan Beishline and it was just the sort of motivation I was seeking to push myself in developing […]

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of fresh starts and stale pasts || my story with pictures

During what felt like the coldest, longest Tennessee winter EVER, I spent a great deal of time day-dreaming of all things springlike. Recalling what the morning sun on my shoulder feels like or the scent of peonies immediately following a soaking rain, and then convincing myself these small treasures would soon return when at last […]

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just call me, or maybe don’t

I tend to believe there are two kinds of people out there – those who love to talk on the phone and those, who just do not. If you are someone in my daily life you obviously already know the answer as to what category I fall into – the proof being you are reading […]

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i’d settle for regional warming at this point…

I’m sitting in our home office writing, and good grief I’m literally thinking about putting my gloves on while I type. indoors. Warming myself by a fire is out of the question given I can’t even keep my little guy out of the pantry, trash cans, toilets. . . So, I’ve taken to warming […]

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S u b s c r i b e