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Staying Awake to Dream || {personal}

We have been road-tripping some these past two weeks, and the hours and miles always breath perspective into my often scattered mind. It has long been joked and commiserated over how our daughter Emma never sleeps in the car. Never. As in, in her six years of life I can count on one hand the […]

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Palms to Panes || thoughts of a dreamer

Today, we ask we seek we wait all the while with hands pressed to windows watching, taking in the beauty fully alive in the middle. xoxo, -S    

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Fleeting, Kroeker family preview || Franklin, TN Childhood Photography

It is peculiar to me in the thirty-some summers I have watched roll in, many of the season’s hallmarks still surprise me every year when May days bloom into June. The smell of the air immediately following a rain shower or the way the first sight of fireflies at dusk can make eyes sting with […]

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The Sweet in the Middle

I think most of us generally are holding out for the weekend- less schedule, fewer alarm clocks, more fun. We have had a particularly busy week around our house, and as I sit sipping my coffee, grateful for a Saturday morning just around the bend, I am recalling quite a few incredibly sweet highlights from […]

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the crunch

I had forgotten. somewhere along the way misplaced the memory. allowed responsibility of age and role erase the anticipated simple joy…and then it was there. the crunch. on an autumn’s day walk, unplanned, unaware, hand in hand with my girl. my body tense with mission and task. my mind lost in the troubles of the […]

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