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Staying Awake to Dream || {personal}

We have been road-tripping some these past two weeks, and the hours and miles always breath perspective into my often scattered mind. It has long been joked and commiserated over how our daughter Emma never sleeps in the car. Never. As in, in her six years of life I can count on one hand the […]

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Sparklers, 2011 || Franklin, TN Childhood Photography


To all of our shiny firecracker friends – Happy 4th! May freedom ring and sing over you today and everyday. xoxo, -The Richmonds          

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Fourteen- Acne, Awkward, Ours {personal}

Him: “Fourteen years. Our marriage has made it to puberty.” Me: “…this explains everything.”   Rob, To fourteen years of friendship, hard work and love – you honor me with your heart for me. Our bond unspeakable, Our life imperfect, Our love forever. Thank you for fourteen- acne, awkward and all- years of matrimonial joy. […]

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Palms to Panes || thoughts of a dreamer

Today, we ask we seek we wait all the while with hands pressed to windows watching, taking in the beauty fully alive in the middle. xoxo, -S    

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the Weight of Empty || My Story With Pictures {personal}

It comes as no surprise for me to tell you, time to myself is scarce at best, given the landscape of our young active home. Time and quiet- strangers to me now- but still, there are words stirring, darting about my mind in desperate hope of finding a page to land on. We, myself and […]

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