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On the Horizon

The worst sin that can be committed against the artist is to take him at his word, to see in his work a fulfillment instead of a horizon. -Henry Miller New things on the horizon my friends, but aren’t there always? If we keep moving, no matter the pace, the horizon will forever hold an […]

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Merry Christmas

From us to you- thank you for sharing this year with our family. Merry Christmas! The Richmonds

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Priorities of Life || My Story With Pictures

I have priority issues. My should-be’s are piling up by the minute, and while I should be making that growing stack of responsibility top priority, I instead have been outside. Walking around our yard, with a camera around my neck, a burden in my chest, and eyes focused upward in determined resolve to find some […]

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Derailed || My Story With Pictures

Some battles are birthed out of the slightest of strayed steps. Derailment doesn’t often wave a flag announcing its swift approach. You could be moving along at a decent pace, and in a breath be airborne, wheels having left tracks, bracing for inevitable impact. A few weeks ago, we had a Sunday morning at our […]

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with the tide

At times my single greatest fight is against the pull to drift. The urge to withdraw, coast out with the tide. Floating along in the rhythm of life, I am content to stay, remain close to the shoreline, camp out on the beaches of community. Until an off-beat wave appears, out of synch with my […]

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