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I wanna do again, {personal}

While Emma started planning for her sixth birthday the morning following her fifth-year celebration, I have avoided the very thought of it. Until this week. It started when she out-of-the-blue mentioned her two imaginary friends, and I realized she hadn’t been playing with her once constant companions for months. I was instantly sad and sentimental. […]

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Does this snow day make my butt look big?

Here in Tennessee we are experiencing the most snow we have had in eight years, a mind-blowing 9.3 inches. Mind-blowing, of course only to those of us who think of sweaters as winter outerwear, and should ever┬áthe┬áneed arise can be found scraping our frozen windshields with CD cases. And if the wind blows just right, […]

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cut & colorful

“Let’s trim up the sides and back, leave the length on top please.” I say to the woman poised to trim Asher’s blonde mop. The words had no sooner left my lips when her two-year-old client realized what was in store and decided the entire salon really must experience the ferocity of his disapproval. And […]

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the crunch

I had forgotten. somewhere along the way misplaced the memory. allowed responsibility of age and role erase the anticipated simple joy…and then it was there. the crunch. on an autumn’s day walk, unplanned, unaware, hand in hand with my girl. my body tense with mission and task. my mind lost in the troubles of the […]

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old soul || Nashville Childhood Photography

sweet old soul I see you you see me a bond intangible forever ours my sweet old soul

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S u b s c r i b e